The music video for Black Glass, directed by Enes Güç, explores the transformative power of loss. The opening track from Petra Hermanova's debut In Death’s Eyes grapples with the overwhelming weight of unspoken words, and its visual accompaniment portrays the rebirth of a grieving mind carrying this burden. Utilising the timeless symbols of fire and water—two elements equally capable of both giving way to life and unleashing devastation—Güç, along with a psychopomp, guides us towards the many portals of healing. An illuminating shift ripples through the layers of reality and sediments around the emotional core as an enduring armour, igniting a new-found strength

Directed by Enes Güç          Edited by Enes Güç & Petra Hermanova        Producer & Wardrobe: Hermione Flynn          Director of Photography: Alex Brack         Drone Operator: Garry Sonneborn         Production Assistant &BTS Photography: Michelle Tartarotti         Styling / Hair & MakeUp: Gabriela Matuszewska        Helper / Driver: Felix Feldmann         VFX: Enes Güç           Assistant Compositor: Akshay S R         Special thanks to Fox Render Farm

Album Artwork For
‘’In Death’s Eyes’’

Petra Hermanova and Unguarded announce In Death’s Eyes (UGD-009), the debut solo LP under the artist’s own name. Over nine tracks, Hermanova utilizes autoharp, voice, and pipe organ in techniques from both folk and sacred traditions to grapple with the spiritual and earthly dimensions of devastating loss and bereavement. In a disciplined display of beauty, pain, and astute musicianship, Hermanova brings forth a notable accomplishment of an album. In Death’s Eyes confronts death from start to finish with a rare fervor that leaves one feeling it was utterly necessary for Hermanova to produce - to survive.

Concept by Enes Güç & Evelyn Bencicova    Album Artwork by Enes Güç      Layout & Ikonography by Odius Rot