Welcome to the Saint Dilara Beach Club, the first NFT Island of your summer dreams which was created in colobration with Dilara Findikoglu.

It is a place, on the way to Golden Fleece, where the sun shines in a glamorous silver, where the days are so long that you can live in an endless summer breeze and where the nights are only for joyful dreams.

Climb the stairs, touch to the source and find out about the meaning of your life.

Creative Direction: Dilara Fındıkoğlu
Director, Art Director and 3D Artist: Enes Güç
Art Direction and Lettering: Zeynep Schilling
Sound Design: Studio LABOUR

The Sculpture

Overlooking to the world turning  with the custom made sculpture from Saint Dilara Beach Club.

In the future when Saint Dilara Island will be discovered again, this female icon will remind them of a place that was once ruled by female power.

The Trees

Feeling the breeze with there custom designed trees at Saint Dilara Beach Club.

These unique trees of the Island have the power to create windy shadows five times more breezy than your average tree during hot summer days.

The Sunbed

Getting loose on this custom designed silver sunbed at Saint Dilara Beach Club.

This item was designed to find the perfect environment and product to sleep while doing astral projection.