Tale Of All Victories

Tale of All Victories is the 3rd 3D painting from the series of "The Tales". This series is about the personal growth and healing process and choosing the battles to win is one of those lessons that one needs to learn to be able to grow in the desired direction. This work is focusing on the feeling of loss after victories. Giving away many things to be able to "win" sometimes hurts individuals more than it helps. Learning how to choose what battles one should fight for is one of the important lessons we all need to learn.

Under the source
That was promised to heal all your wounds,
Which you craved so deeply,
Did you burn everything to get here?
Did you really think that it would be safer here?
That you can take off your armour,
put down your weapons?
When there is no other place to go to,
Where did you think all the wildlings would go?
Watch out for the ones trying to come closer.
Look at all the ones watching you.
What do they all think?
After the war is over,
when the winner stops fighting.
Do they still know who they are?
What were they even fighting for?