Tale Of Letting Go

So many of our wishes and dreams as well as our fears are being implemented to us by others while we are ignoring our own deeply buried parts and running away from them. It is difficult to accept these shattered pieces of ourselves and even harder to make big changes to be able to own them. Although as long as we take the “steps”, we grow to be ourselves.

All the little things piling up on each other seems to be impossible to deal with sometimes. Specially in times when they are combined with all of our insecurities.

But healing also starts after we take these little steps and accept the fact that we all are in a constant progress.
And after learning how to respect others progress I started to learn to respect to my own. Cheers to becoming ourselves.
Tale Of Letting go is the second 3D painting from the series of “The Tales”.

The 3D scans are from the shooting for Tanec Praha with Evelyn Bencicova.
Composed in Autodesk Maya and rendered with Solidangle Arnold