Tale of Succession

Tale of Succession highlights questions all aspiring people ask, people who want to become someone in their field of work or reality. It’s about questioning the steps, while going for things; decisions that are being made and possible outcomes and fears. It’s about prices to pay and consequences to face.

In the middle we see two figures floating around a source that holds them in the air while we see another on the right side of the composition still questioning the steps. The 3D scan of the same the figure is carried away out of the composition since she has fallen from the source. This can be either understood as the fear of the questioning figure to be fallen or maybe even the future.

There is a place without gravity
Whoever goes there, ascends.
Only if they are willing to pay
the price of letting go of yourself
to spiral into the  illusion.

Once they are in the air,
there is no place to go but higher.
When they have made the decision,
there are no stairs that could bring you down,
no way down but falling.

Doesn’t freedom mean that you can be who you are,
instead of becoming someone else,
someone who can rise above?