Tale Of Succession

Before these difficult times we were living in such conditions where we had no time to think or to digest all the inputs we were getting from every side we looked. While trying to be productive we were running constantly without having a clear idea where we were actually going.
It was so often that I used to think that I must transform myself into something to become someone because everything was changing so fast and so drastically that I always felt behind. I saw so many people doing so much stuff that was so in the time and seemed so fashionable. Not to point any fingers, I tried it myself and I also failed horribly because of my personal ideals that I have been building.

Even though i tried to resist, at some point I’ve realised that i was not myself anymore. I felt like I was becoming a clone and I was getting more and more away from myself while chasing the promised lands where there is no gravity that could raise me above.

After everything stoped I suddenly found myself in an empty space where I could not even remember my own voice. Then it all came back to me and i started to go back to my roots which is actually classical painting. So now I’m working on these 3D painting series that will be telling the stories of my own personal transformations. And maybe even ours.

Tale of Succession is the first of them and it is about questions that most of us ask who wants to become somebody.

It’s about going for things as well as questioning the steps, decisions that we are making and and possible outcomes that we might be fearing.

It’s about prices to pay and consequences to face.

Do we really need to alter ourselves to become someone to get and stay in the illusion of success?