The Sun, Rising and The Moon

Size: 150x150cm
Material: MDF with Stainless Steel Hinges

Laden with symbolism, The Sun, Rising and The Moon is an interactive sculptural tryptic which explores the human condition - a complex system of external projections, internal persona's and exiled aspects of self. Through the use of evocative, yet oversaturated references from astrology, religion, mythology, pop culture and technology, Enes Güç takes a humorous approach in expressing human suffering with an awareness that the condition is both deeply personal, yet universally and infinitely relatable. The interactive functionality of the work also prompts the relational nature of self-reflection - that it is through the presence of another individual that one may discover aspects of self that were previously concealed.

This is further supported through allowing the observer to interact with the work to project themselves into the narrative and thus experiencing the triptych as a mirror into oneself.