The Digital Painting Kinship, created by the visual artist Enes Güç explores the diversity and community in its core. The work draws inspiration from the many eras of art history and mythology while preserving the contemporaries we live in.

Elegantly utilising the symbols such as energy and metal chains --representation of linked pieces that can transfer energy– connecting each individual, Güç guides us towards how the vibration we share in our communities might affect the elevation of the whole. We witness the physical and mental work that is required to bring our manifestations into our realities both individually and also collectively.

Respecting the identity of each artist involved including Peaches and members of HE.SHE.THEY family, Güç brings them together where the ground below meets the sky above. In this higher realm, lives the people who witness the terror of hell and the beauty of paradise.

Rimowa TikTok Videos

Playful visuals for the German suitcase manufacturer Rimowa.
The iconic brand presents their Essential Suitcases in a special series of social media videos.

Direction & CGI
Concept Artist, CGI
Enes Güç
Bus.Group, Post City Sound

The music video for Black Glass, directed by the visual artist Enes Güç, explores the transformative power of loss. The opening track from Petra Hermanova's debut In Death’s Eyes grapples with the overwhelming weight of unspoken words, and its visual accompaniment portrays the rebirth of a grieving mind carrying this burden. Utilising the timeless symbols of fire and water—two elements equally capable of both giving way to life and unleashing devastation—Güç, along with a psychopomp, guides us towards the many portals of healing. An illuminating shift ripples through the layers of reality and sediments around the emotional core as an enduring armour, igniting a new-found strength within.

Directed by Enes Güç          Edited by Enes Güç & Petra Hermanova        Producer & Wardrobe: Hermione Flynn          Director of Photography: Alex Brack         Drone Operator: Garry Sonneborn         Production Assistant &BTS Photography: Michelle Tartarotti         Styling / Hair & MakeUp: Gabriela Matuszewska        Helper / Driver: Felix Feldmann         VFX: Enes Güç           Assistant Compositor: Akshay S R         Special thanks to Fox Render Farm