“nine-sum sorcery” Album Launch

LABOUR feat. Hani Mojtahedy

LABOUR are very pleased to announce their first LP featuring the renowned vocalist Hani Mojtahedy, available on vinyl, digital and streaming.

This 30-minute epic features traditional vocals - sung in both Kurdish and Farsi - within a long-form composition rich in digital sound synthesis, swelling noise, percussion and disembodied vocal processing, completed with stunning visuals by Enes Güç, accompanied a lettering by Zeynep Schilling and creative assistance by Evelyn Bencicova. 

nine-sum sorcery is presented as a lament, and can be understood as an occult incitation to the dark energies, natural, political and otherwise, that are released when oil is extracted from the ground.
“Dust is the real nomadic entity.  It migrates elsewhere, spiriting itself away an illusive ground.  When dust particles are composed, they combine countless terms, lanuages and materials belonging to entirely different kingdoms.”
Cyclonopedia:  Complicity with Anonymous Materials