VFX Director     

Vogue/Gucci,  Worlds Within

The Gucci Diana bag has an inherent playfulness to it that demands individual styling. The modern classic, which takes the blueprint of the original bag beloved in the 1990s. Who better to show the infinite styling potential of the Gucci Diana bag than two of the brand’s favourite artists? London-based illustrator Joy Yamusangie and French-Japanese creative Tiffany Bouelle might have different practises, but they share an appreciation for unique, thought-provoking design.

It was so much fun to work on the VFX for both videos and bring the worlds of these amazing artist into another dimention.

Director: Joseph Delaney      Producer: Frankie Willcock      Director of Photography: Thomas English      Stylist: Donna Wallace      VFX Creative Director: Enes Güç      VFX Art Director: Zeynep Schilling       VFX Supervisor        Assistant: Hermione Flynn        3D Artist: Işıntan Kurşun         3D Character Modeling: Mert Uzunoğlu       Rotoscoping: Akshay S R        Editor: Maxim Young        Colourist: Karol Cybulski